Spectrum Doula Academy was founded with one goal in mind

We believe and support the concept that when you are following your passion you will find success and connect with those people who need your services. There is never a shortage of opportunity. Life is a series of beautiful opportunities to connect and serve. When women focus on service, support and community we can all succeed in our personal missions and goals.

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Hundreds of families served.
Decades of experience.

Over the course of our collective efforts we have recognized a need for the doula community to gather, learn and grow together. We at SDA are thrilled to impart our philosophy of ‘collaboration over competition’ because when we rise together... We automatically give other doulas permission to rise.

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Why choose Spectrum Doula Academy?

  • Comprehensive and advanced trainings online and in-person
  • Certifications for each course
  • Invitation to in-person retreats
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Business mentorship program
  • Membership to private Facebook group for continued support

Simple Steps for Certification

  • Choose your course
  • Complete the final exam
  • We will review it and send your certificate
It is really just that easy to obtain advanced certification!

Learn About Spectrum Doula Academy’s Mission and Meet Our Team

Spectrum Doula Academy's mission is to provide comprehensive education to birthing professionals that is informational and complete. Through this, SDA’s vision is to raise the standard of education that is provided to professionals everywhere.

Maura Mendenhall

Maura Mendenhall co-owns Spectrum Doula Academy to bring advanced doula education to the community. She believes in and supports doulas in continuing education to meet the needs of birthing individuals everywhere. She believes that birth should never be something to fear. It is a journey intimately shared between parents and their baby.

She teaches that with the proper information and support, individuals are capable of amazing things. Maura is a mom to three children and discovered through her own birth journeys that working in birth was her path. She is a birth mom and enjoys helping families through the journey of adoption, no matter what that entails.

Maura has been providing doula services to families since 2013. She has cross certified with multiple organizations such as DONA (Doulas of Northern America), The Curtis Method, and with Genesis Birth Co. Maura is a certified practitioner through Family Equality and provides inclusive services to the LGBTQ+ community. She is currently working towards Childbirth Educator certification. Maura loves supporting doulas in their own journeys because in turn it helps the community.

When we show up for each other and cultivate growth, the possibilities are endless.

Dee Gordon

Deanna Gordon as a mother of ten, Midwife and Life coach, Deanna Gordon has developed her capacity to recognize every individual as a person of unique gifts and talents with the ability to grow to their fullest promise. Since 1999 Deanna has been in service to women and babies. As a doula and midwife spanning 3 continents and over 600 babies.

Deanna currently serves families in home birth, trains and mentors doulas as well as co-manages a marketing team. Deanna’s mission is to support individuals and businesses in uncovering the obstacles that prevent them from reaching their greatest potential. Leading by example, Deanna promotes a holistic approach to living a balanced life through nutrition & education in her community.

Deanna has served as a teacher and mentor to community youth and women’s groups and as a fundraising and organizational consultant to humanitarian aid organizations seeking to raise the level of healthcare for women and children in developing countries.